113 – The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Bruce Campbell as Brisco County Jr. with one of the horses who played Comet
wonder which “Comet” that is

Jen and Tim revisit the greatest unfairly-cancelled single-season sci-fi western TV series of all time: The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.! If you thought we were going to say “Firefly” you have obviously never listened to our show before. Also Jen is finally able to air her feelings about Dixie for a mass audience. Spicy!

Drake meme with Firefly in the "no" position and Brisco County Jr. in the "yes" position
sorry, we’re correct

Check DVDTalk for information on the complete series on home media.

Whether you lived through it or not, you can peruse the 1993-94 prime-time television lineup for yourself.

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112 – The Wicker Man: The Summerisle Cut

The climax of The Wicker Man (1973)

Tim and Jen welcome a special guest to discuss a fan edit of a beloved horror classic, The Wicker Man: The Summerisle Cut! Listen for yourself and decide if you want to leave angry comments on archive.org!

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View the Summerisle Cut at the Internet Archive.

Visit the Wicker Man site mentioned by our guest, which describes all of the different cuts of the film in detail.

111 – Eureka

Gene Hackman in Nicolas Roeg's Eureka (1983)

Jen and Tim agree and disagree on an also-ran Nicolas Roeg movie, Eureka! Jen really gets the bit between her teeth in this one and Tim demonstrates almost saintly patience while she babbles.

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Watch a short documentary on the inspiration for Jack McCann, the gold millionaire Sir Harry Oakes.

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A screenshot of Gene Hackman smiling with the caption "Genial Hackman"