069 (nice) – Ken “Ace” Brewer of B-Movie TV

Tim and Jen welcome the founder of our fave streaming channel, B-Movie TV, for a conversation about curating the finest trash and dealing with small fish in small ponds.

B-Movie TV has everything: martial arts action, horror and slashers, vintage skin flicks, zombies (if you like that sort of thing), and some of the weirdest shit we’ve ever seen! Do have a Roku, and do you love trash cinema as much as we do? Add B-Movie TV to your lineup!

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067 – Fatal Attractions with Emma Bowers

Surprise! You get an extra bonus episode for April! Animal expert Emma Bowers returns to discuss the Tiger King before Tiger King: an Animal Planet reality series about ill-starred exotic pet owners called Fatal Attractions.

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Fatal Attractions is currently vieweable on Amazon Prime.

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063 – The James Nguyen-verse with Conor Lastowka

Jen and Tim are joined by Rifftrax writer/producer and author Conor Lastowka to examine one of the only true auteurs in cinema. He’s James Nguyen, and he’s given us movie masterpieces like Birdemic, Julie and Jack, and Replica, as our guest knows all too well!

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Tim and Jen are both fans of Conor’s podcast with Rifftrax/MST3k alum Michael J. Nelson. It’s called 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back, and it’s highly recommended to anyone who’s ever thrown a book across the room because it was so bad.

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056 – Death Wish 3 with Will Menaker

The delightful Chapo dad joins us for Death Wish 3, possibly the simultaneous nadir and high point of the Death Wish series.

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According to Danny Peary in his book Guide for the Film Fanatic, “when director Michael Winner complained that Death Wish III [sic] was given an X rating because it had 63 killings while the R-rated Rambo [: First Blood Part II, 1985] had 80 killings, the woman at the Ratings Board explained that most of those killed in Rambo are Vietnamese.”

Paul Talbot, Bronson’s Loose!: The Making of the Death Wish Films

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051 – Eek! The Cat with Bill Kopp

Bill Kopp, animator, writer and voice actor, displays an animation cell
Bill Kopp

Tim and Jen are very excited to have animator, voice actor, and writer Bill Kopp on the show to discuss his career, especially the beloved-but-now-scarce Fox Kids show Eek! the Cat. Sorry we had to record Bill on Edison cylinder lol

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049 – Farewell Uncle Tom with @RickyRawls

Addio Zio Tom key art by Renato Casaro
Addio Zio Tom key art by Renato Casaro. Via his website.

Thank you to all our patrons for being so patient with us! As your reward, this month’s bonus is an extra-stuffed (nearly two hour) episode about a widely reviled mondo slavery documentary. This one’s called Farewell Uncle Tom (Addio zio Tom in the first language of the filmmakers). Jen and Tim are joined by T. of the great Champagne Sharks podcast and we all tackle one tough-to-watch but necessary film.

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The movie is viewable in full on archive.org.

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