episode 54 – Immortal

Niel Jacoby (@fuckinalpamare on Twitter) joins us to ask: wtf, France? Also big fat trigger warning on this one because we spent a lot of time mocking the movie’s incredibly cavalier attitude towards sexual assault.

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BONUS episode 053 – Interstate 60, Part 1

We go incredibly deep on a movie that probably didn’t merit it. So much so that you’re getting a two-parter! This one was written by the guy who co-wrote Back to the Future and it’s tailor-made for dads who wistfully scroll through classics dot autotrader dot com on weekends.

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BONUS episode 049 – Farewell Uncle Tom with @RickyRawls

Thank you to all our patrons for being so patient with us! As your reward, this month’s bonus is an extra-stuffed (nearly two hour) episode about a widely reviled mondo slavery documentary. Jen and Tim are joined by T. of the great Champagne Sharks podcast and we all tackle one tough-to-watch but necessary film.

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UNLOCKED! BONUS episode 047 – The Silent Scream with Mellie Macker

We’ve unlocked this previously patrons-only episode because abortion access in the US is arguably even more precarious now than it was in 1984, and we believe the dishonesty of media like The Silent Scream needs to be discussed today.

Jen is joined by reproductive justice activist Mellie Macker (@eponawest on Twitter) to dissect the mendacious thinking behind a notorious piece of pro-life propaganda.