057 – The State of Movie Exhibition, 2019

Jen and Tim ask Josh Lewis of the Sleazoids podcast (@thejoshl on Twitter) to provide his insight as a film programmer in a wide-ranging discussion of the dire state of movie exhbition.

Josh also joined us to discuss an evangelical nightmare of an exploitation film, The Burning Hell!

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056 – Death Wish 3 with Will Menaker

The delightful Chapo dad joins us for Death Wish 3, possibly the simultaneous nadir and high point of the Death Wish series.

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According to Danny Peary in his book Guide for the Film Fanatic, “when director Michael Winner complained that Death Wish III [sic] was given an X rating because it had 63 killings while the R-rated Rambo [: First Blood Part II, 1985] had 80 killings, the woman at the Ratings Board explained that most of those killed in Rambo are Vietnamese.”

Paul Talbot, Bronson’s Loose!: The Making of the Death Wish Films

For more Will, listen to our episode about the controversial Friedkin film Cruising.