048 – Beautiful Boxer

Asanee Suwan in Beautiful Boxer (2003)

Jen welcomes special guest Julia Schiwal to discuss a wonderful Thai biopic called Beautiful Boxer. It’s about a trans woman who becomes a fighter in order to forge her own path.

YouTube has a highlight reel of Nong Toom’s career.

The movie Julia recommends at the end of the show is Adam barfi (1995)

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047 – The Silent Scream with Mellie Macker

The Silent Scream is an especially pernicious example of pro-life propaganda. Reproductive justice activist Mellie Macker guests to dissect the mendacious thinking behind this ghoulish artifact.

You can see the original film in its entirety on Vimeo.

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046 – Mazes and Monsters

Tom Hanks in the TV movie Mazes and Monsters (1982)
Yeah, Tom, we know

Jen and Tim look at Mazes and Monsters, a slapdash TV movie with roots in moral panic. Oh and it was also the first feature role for Tom Hanks, wow.

TV Guide ad for 1982 TV movie Mazes and Monsters
Ehh, let’s watch Three’s Company instead

We drew heavily on William Dear’s book The Dungeon Master. Dear is also the author of a book arguing that Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were actually killed by O.J. Simpson’s son.

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