098 – Willow

Warwick Davis in Willow

Mike Rosen joins Jen and Tim to discuss that movie you really liked as a kid and then revisited as an adult and realized it wasn’t that good. That’s right, it’s Willow, from 1988! George Lucas perhaps wisely handed off directing duties to Ron Howard, but results are still mixed at best.

Speaking of Ron Howard, Jen and Tim depart significantly on his legacy as a director. We briefly discussed his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard in our Antichrist episode.

Tim alluded to the very fine podcast 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back. If you’d like to hear their take on the Shadow Moon series, start here!

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097 – Disco Godfather

Sean Morris joins Tim and Jen to talk about an underseen movie from Dolemite himself, Rudy Ray Moore! Hear the entire episode for a pledge of as low as $2/month and get access to all our other bonus content!

Disco Godfather is easily viewable for free, and via a very nice transfer, courtesy of our favorite streaming service, Tubi.

For more on the Disco Godfather himself, Rudy Ray Moore, put yo’ weight on his official website.

And if you can’t get enough of the voluble Sean Morris, check out our episode on the unfairly forgotten Livin’ Large!