052 – Incubus

William Shatner embraces Allyson Ames at the climax of Incubus (1966)

Jen and Tim are joined by author and podcaster R.S. Benedict to discuss one of the few movies ever shot entirely in Esperanto: Incubus. It is also the only movie ever shot entirely in Esperanto and starring William Shatner.

Anthony M. Taylor, producer of Incubus (1966), poses in front of a poster for the film
Anthony M. Taylor, producer of Incubus

R.S. Benedict is a writer of speculative fiction. She also hosts a writing podcast called Rite Gud, which Tim and Jen have both appeared on. Find it on Patreon!

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051 – Eek! The Cat with Bill Kopp

Bill Kopp, animator, writer and voice actor, displays an animation cell
Bill Kopp

Tim and Jen are very excited to have animator, voice actor, and writer Bill Kopp on the show to discuss his career, especially the beloved-but-now-scarce Fox Kids show Eek! the Cat. Sorry we had to record Bill on Edison cylinder lol

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