006 – The Johnsons (1992)

Jen welcomes filmmaker and burger expert Yfke van Berckelaer to discuss one of about three Dutch horror films, The Johnsons! Yfke provides an excellent survey of the Dutch film industry (it’s not just Paul Verhoeven!) and gives some background on the making of the film, which is a bit of an undiscovered horror classic.

Yfke is a Dutch genre filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles and is obsessed with everything that sparkles and yes, that includes the 80s. She also writes about awesome things for the cult magazine Schokkend Nieuws, and you can follow her burger adventures at www.burgerists.com and @burgerists on Instagram and Twitter.

And when in Los Angeles, be sure to visit Cinefile Video!

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4 thoughts on “006 – The Johnsons (1992)”

  1. Loved the podcast! Just wanted to let you know.
    And when Yfke told about the Xangadix prop being in a Childrens Theater, I had to found out which theater. I did, asked if I could visit the prop and I can! After the summer vacation! How awesome? 😀
    Why would I want to visit that creepy embryo? Well im a big fan of The Johnsons and I wanted to screen it next year because it will be 25 years after the original release, and its always cool to have something ‘extra’.
    OK… just wanted to tell you I loved the podcast and thanks for all the new intel.

    PS: Sorry, nothing to say about tampons in glasses of water 😉

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