089 – Zen Filmmaking

Would you like to make a movie and just don’t know how? Why let that stop you? Try concocting a pseudo-spiritual method out of your own failings and refusing to pay your cast and crew! On this episode, don’t miss Jen slipping into mania about Hollywood sex criminals and Tim getting confessional about his own indie filmmaking sins!

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We highly recommend perusing Scott Shaw’s website, where many of his books are available for purchase. Scroll down for about seventeen hours to find the book we discuss in this episode, Zen Filmmaking!

“If you have too many crew people, they all want silly things like story boards, shot lists, and stuff.” -Scott Shaw

088 – The Lawnmower Man

Tim holds forth excitedly about “the most accurate depiction of virtual reality as a profound concept that is silly in its execution.” Based on the Stephen King lawsuit!

Curious about the student film based on the actual King short story? 

Here’s some stuff we mentioned in the episode!

Nintendo’s failed “virtual reality” console, the Virtual Boy

“The Sixth Finger,” an Outer Limits episode that appears to share some plot inspiration with Lawnmower Man

Here’s that Tom the Dancing Bug comic Tim didn’t get a chance to summarize (it parodies “Flowers for Algernon”)

Peter Gabriel’s “Kiss That Frog,” video directed by Brett Leonard

087 – Serial

Screenwriter Josh Olson brings us a movie that he swears is actually funny and good! Featuring Martin Mull, Tuesday Weld, violent gay bikers, Sally Kellerman’s boobs, casual homophobia, Tommy Smothers in a headband, hot tubs, est probably, psychologically disturbed children whose acting out is played for laughs, etc.

Hear the entire episode for a pledge of only $2/month and get access to all our other bonus content!

For the curious, here is the full Kevin Thomas review we mentioned on the episode:

Kevin Thomas shreds Serial

You can also hear more of Josh with Dave Anthony on The West Wing Thing, or with Joe Dante on The Movies That Made Me!