104 – Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Screenwriter Josh Olson returns to share the Russ Meyer phantasmagoria Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and to make it clear that he did NOT write Gigli. The film was a hit when it arrived in 1970, but it was too strong for the studio and effectively ended Meyer’s career as a mainstream filmmaker. Meyer followed BTVOTD with the leaden legal drama Seven Minutes before going back to making titty flicks, thank god. In the episode Josh holds forth on Roger Ebert’s wonderful script, and we all weigh in on “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke” filmmaking (we all think it’s good).

Josh previously joined us to bring to our attention the little-loved Martin Mull-starring satire, Serial.

As we mentioned in the episode, you can also see John Waters enthusing about Beyond the Valley of the Dolls at Criterion.

BTVOTD star Edy Williams was married to Meyer and also had a career sideline in appearing partially dressed at the Oscars. She did this until at least 1999. What a queen.

“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” See the Roger Ebert(!)-penned line here, in the Sex Pistols’s last ever show.

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103 – Road to the Stars/Pavel Klushantsev

Road to the Stars poster

Tim attempts to convey the charm and innovative spirit of Soviet filmmaker Pavel Klushantsev to his lazy, lazy cohost! Listen to the episode over on Patreon for a pledge of as little as $2/month!

We mentioned the Klushantsev documentary The Star Dreamer, but don’t miss the original films! We loved the dog in a spacesuit in Mars.

Dog and hooman on the Martian surface, from Pavel Klushantsev's Mars (1968)
“I thought James Cameron was gonna meet us here.”

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100 – Antichrist

For a SUPERSIZED one hundredth episode, Tim agrees with everything Lars von Trier has said and done because they’re both misogynists. Hear it over at Patreon for a pledge of as little as $2/month!

For the (swinging) lowdown on Willem Dafoe’s gifts, read this article about von Trier’s obsession with the actor’s wiener.

Thank you to all the listeners for supporting us for one hundred episodes and here’s to ONE THOUSAND MORE. If you want to see where it all began, you can check out our very first episode, about Elaine May’s little-loved Ishtar!

099 – Hammer House of Horror with a slice of Pi

Jen and Tim note the peculiar similarities between an episode of an obscure British horror anthology and Darren Aronofsky’s debut (NOT Life of Pi!!!!!). Also, Jen seizes an opportunity to talk about Rowdy Roddy Piper.

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Hammer House of Horror is free to watch with ads over on Tubi!

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098 – Willow

Warwick Davis in Willow

Mike Rosen joins Jen and Tim to discuss that movie you really liked as a kid and then revisited as an adult and realized it wasn’t that good. That’s right, it’s Willow, from 1988! George Lucas perhaps wisely handed off directing duties to Ron Howard, but results are still mixed at best.

Speaking of Ron Howard, Jen and Tim depart significantly on his legacy as a director. We briefly discussed his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard in our Antichrist episode.

Tim alluded to the very fine podcast 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back. If you’d like to hear their take on the Shadow Moon series, start here!

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097 – Disco Godfather

Sean Morris joins Tim and Jen to talk about an underseen movie from Dolemite himself, Rudy Ray Moore! Hear the entire episode for a pledge of as low as $2/month and get access to all our other bonus content!

Disco Godfather is easily viewable for free, and via a very nice transfer, courtesy of our favorite streaming service, Tubi.

For more on the Disco Godfather himself, Rudy Ray Moore, put yo’ weight on his official website.

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095 – Crash (the good one)

Jen and Tim welcome back Darren Herczeg to discuss one of the most controversial movies of the 90s— David Cronenberg’s arresting 1996 film, Crash.

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For the record, J.G. Ballard wholeheartedly endorsed the film:

A journalist from Finland spoke up and attacked us in a novel way. Rather than excoriating us for making a film “beyond the bounds of depravity” (per Alexander Walker of the Evening Standard, who actually shook a schoolmaster’s disapproving finger at Jeremy from the back of the packed hall), he said that the movie completely betrayed the book, was a pathetic and weak skimming of a powerful work. Jim answered him: “The movie is actually better than the book. It goes further than the book, and is much more powerful and dynamic. It’s terrific.” An astonishing thing for an author to say. Abashed, the Finnish journalist sat down.

David Cronenberg

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