episode 014 – Bulworth

Jen and guest Sean Morris revive the Warren Beatty-directed Bulworth just in time for Election Day! Yes, it’s the movie where Warren Beatty raps.

Directed by Warren Beatty

Produced by:
Warren Beatty
Pieter Jan Brugge

Screenplay by:
Warren Beatty
Jeremy Pikser

Story by Warren Beatty

Sean Astin
Warren Beatty
Graham Beckel
Halle Berry
Don Cheadle
Nora Dunn
Jackie Gayle
Ariyan Johnson
Joshua Malina
Michele Morgan
Oliver Platt
Richard Sarafian
Paul Sorvino
Jack Warden
Isaiah Washington
Amiri Baraka
Christine Baranski
Laurie Metcalf
Wendell Pierce

Music by Ennio Morricone
Cinematography: Vittorio Storaro
Edited by:
Robert C. Jones
Billy Weber

Production company:
Mulholland Productions

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

Release dates
May 15, 1998

Running time
111 minutes
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episode 013 – The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

Jen and guest Paul Jay discuss a true relic of the 70s: a holiday-themed variety special starring Paul Lynde!

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976)

Written by:
Bruce Vilanch
Ronny Graham
Ron Pearlman
Biff Manard
Howard Albrecht &
Sol Weinstein

Directed by Sidney Smith
Paul Lynde
Margaret Hamilton
Billie Hayes
Billy Barty
Tim Conway
Roz “Pinky Tuscadero” Kelly
Florence Henderson
Betty White
Donny Osmond
Marie Osmond

Executive producers:
Raymond Katz
Sandy Gallin
Bob Booker
George Forster
Joe Byrne

Running time 51 minutes
Production company(s) Hoysyl Productions

Aired October 29th, 1976 on ABC
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episode 012 – Flesh + Blood

Jen and guests Darren and Yfke discuss Paul Verhoeven’s first American film, Flesh + Blood. This being a Verhoeven film: CONTENT WARNING! We have no choice but to talk about rape A LOT with this one.

Flesh + Blood

Directed by Paul Verhoeven
Produced by Gijs Versluys

Written by:
Gerard Soeteman
Paul Verhoeven

Rutger Hauer
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Tom Burlinson
Ronald Lacey
Susan Tyrrell
Jack Thompson

Music by Basil Poledouris

Cinematography: Jan de Bont
Edited by Ine Schenkkan

Distributed by Orion Pictures

Release dates
June 10, 1985 (SIFF)
August 30, 1985

Running time: 126 minutes

United States

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episode 011 – Interview With Ate de Jong

Jen and Yfke talk to Dutch filmmaker Ate de Jong, who brought us the cult classics Highway to Hell and Drop Dead Fred. de Jong discusses the production of Highway to Hell and shares some wisdom he’s accumulated during his long and still ongoing film career.
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episode 010 – Dead of Night

Jen and Tim discuss a classic and sadly overlooked gem of British horror television, Dead of Night. The series dates from 1972 and thus, emerging as it did during a less enlightened time when it came to archiving, only three of the original seven episodes still exist.

The Paranormal Activity parody written and directed by Tim and starring your hosts (!) may be found on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PDSKT9Pc64

episode 009 – Vile Pervert

WARNING: Today’s movie was made by an alleged sex offender and constitutes his own defense against said charges.

Jen is joined by Mike Rosen to discuss Vile Pervert: The Musical. This slice of pure internet was made by Jonathan King, a music impresario and TV presenter turned convicted criminal. If you’ve been looking for the perfect mix of mobile phone video, Oscar Wilde, and sheer unfettered egotism, this will have to do. The entire movie is freely available on YouTube, if you’re either a masochist or just love demented music as much as Mike does.

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episode 008 – Nothing But Trouble

Jen is once again joined by Mike Rosen to suffer through Dan Aykroyd’s sole directorial credit, Nothing But Trouble! We have nothing else to say except that if you Google the Demi More picture we allude to, don’t do it at work.
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This week’s episode will be delayed at least a day, sadly. I recently switched my Adobe software from CS4 (!) to CC, and I’m having to learn an entirely new audio mixing process. In the meantime, why not enjoy the trailer for the subject of episode 8?

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Your host, Jen

episode 007: The Day the Clown Cried

Jen invites author, artist, and asshole Mike Rosen on the show to discuss Jerry Lewis’s unfinished Holocaust, um, comedy-drama The Day the Clown Cried. Thanks to Flemish TV and Australo-German filmmaker Eric Friedler, enough footage from the notorious project has surfaced for us to discuss it. Shoutout to Friedler and the Library of Congress curator who were too important to talk to us.

Mike Rosen is the cartoonist responsible for the webcomic Guttersnipe. He also authored the graphic novel Malleus Maleficarum, available from SLG Publishing, and illustrated Misunderstanding Comics.
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episode 006: The Johnsons (1992)

CONTENT WARNING: Besides the usual immaturity, this episode covers a film whose plot involves rape and incest. Use caution!

Jen welcomes filmmaker and burger expert Yfke van Berckelaer to discuss one of about three Dutch horror films, The Johnsons! Yfke provides an excellent survey of the Dutch film industry (it’s not just Paul Verhoeven!) and gives some background on the making of the film, which is a bit of an undiscovered horror classic.

Yfke is a Dutch genre filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles and is obsessed with everything that sparkles and yes, that includes the 80s. She also writes about awesome things for the cult magazine Schokkend Nieuws, and you can follow her burger adventures at www.burgerists.com and @burgerists on Instagram and Twitter.

And when in Los Angeles, be sure to visit Cinefile Video!

The Johnsons (1992)

Directed by Rudolf van den Berg
Written by Roy Frumkes, Rocco Simonelli
Starring Monique van de Ven
Esmée de la Bretonière
Kenneth Herdigein

Produced by
Richard Abram (associate producer)
Haig Balian (producer)
Chris Brouwer (producer)
Arnold Heslenfeld (executive producer)

Music: Patrick Seymour

Cinematography: Theo Bierkens

Editor: Wim Louwrier

Release dates
14 February 1992

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