episode 004: Under the Cherry Moon (1986)

What better tribute to Prince for a movie podcast than to watch the man’s directorial debut? Jen and Darren also discuss the Dionysian, the epicene, and how much The English Patient sucks.

For the curious, here’s the art for The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak that caught our fancy:


Under the Cherry Moon (1986)

Directed by Prince

Produced by:
Robert Cavallo
Joseph Ruffalo
Steven Fargnoli

Screenplay by Becky Johnston

Jerome Benton
Steven Berkoff
Emmanuelle Sallet
Alexandra Stewart
Kristin Scott Thomas
Francesca Annis

Music by Prince and The Revolution

Cinematography: Michael Ballhaus

Edited by:
Éva Gárdos
Rebecca Ross

Distributed by Warner Bros.

Release date:
July 4, 1986

The theme music for Have You Seen This? is “B005” by Monroeville Music Center.

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