episode 008 – Nothing But Trouble

Jen is once again joined by Mike Rosen to suffer through Dan Aykroyd’s sole directorial credit, Nothing But Trouble! We have nothing else to say except that if you Google the Demi More picture we allude to, don’t do it at work.
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This week’s episode will be delayed at least a day, sadly. I recently switched my Adobe software from CS4 (!) to CC, and I’m having to learn an entirely new audio mixing process. In the meantime, why not enjoy the trailer for the subject of episode 8?

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Your host, Jen

episode 007: The Day the Clown Cried

Jen invites author, artist, and asshole Mike Rosen on the show to discuss Jerry Lewis’s unfinished Holocaust, um, comedy-drama The Day the Clown Cried. Thanks to Flemish TV and Australo-German filmmaker Eric Friedler, enough footage from the notorious project has surfaced for us to discuss it. Shoutout to Friedler and the Library of Congress curator who were too important to talk to us.

Mike Rosen is the cartoonist responsible for the webcomic Guttersnipe. He also authored the graphic novel Malleus Maleficarum, available from SLG Publishing, and illustrated Misunderstanding Comics.
The theme music for Have You Seen This? is “B005” by Monroeville Music Center.

episode 006 – The Johnsons (1992)

CONTENT WARNING: Besides the usual immaturity, this episode covers a film whose plot involves rape and incest. Use caution!

Jen welcomes filmmaker and burger expert Yfke van Berckelaer to discuss one of about three Dutch horror films, The Johnsons! Yfke provides an excellent survey of the Dutch film industry (it’s not just Paul Verhoeven!) and gives some background on the making of the film, which is a bit of an undiscovered horror classic.

Yfke is a Dutch genre filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles and is obsessed with everything that sparkles and yes, that includes the 80s. She also writes about awesome things for the cult magazine Schokkend Nieuws, and you can follow her burger adventures at www.burgerists.com and @burgerists on Instagram and Twitter.

And when in Los Angeles, be sure to visit Cinefile Video!

The Johnsons (1992)

Directed by Rudolf van den Berg
Written by Roy Frumkes, Rocco Simonelli
Starring Monique van de Ven
Esmée de la Bretonière
Kenneth Herdigein

Produced by
Richard Abram (associate producer)
Haig Balian (producer)
Chris Brouwer (producer)
Arnold Heslenfeld (executive producer)

Music: Patrick Seymour

Cinematography: Theo Bierkens

Editor: Wim Louwrier

Release dates
14 February 1992

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episode 005 – The Wizard of Speed and Time (1989)

Jen welcomes special guest Paul Jay (Twitter: @pauljaycomic) for today’s episode, in which we discuss The Wizard of Speed and Time! We’re a little hard on filmmaker Mike Jittlov, perhaps unfairly— WoSaT producer Richard Kaye allegedly absconded with the film’s completion money, and Jittlov himself considers the project to be only 75% done.

Jittlov started as a math and language major at UCLA back in the 60s, but an animation elective awakened him to his true calling. His breathtaking, award-winning short films led to work at Disney, where he clashed with execs over his desire to be credited for his work. After The Wizard of Speed and Time’’s drawn-out production period, Jittlov worked on some major film projects (including Ghost, in which he was responsible for animating the dark spirits that drag Tony Goldwyn to hell). Later, he spent the 90s making the rounds of conventions and screening his only feature for his devoted fans. He still lives in the LA area, and if anyone knows what he’s up to lately, please drop us a line!

The Night Flight website has an excellent write-up about Jittlov and The Wizard of Speed and Time here.

Mike Jittlov’s personal website

Directed by Mike Jittlov
Produced by Richard Kaye
Written by Mike Jittlov

Mike Jittlov
Paige Moore
Richard Kaye
Deven Chierighino
Steve Brodie
John Massari
Gary Schwartz
Frank LaLoggia
Philip Michael Thomas
Paulette Breen
Will Ryan
Stephen Stucker

Music by John Massari
Cinematography: Russell Carpenter
Edited by Mike Jittlov
Distributed by Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment

Release dates:
September 22, 1989 (USA)

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episode 004: Under the Cherry Moon (1986)

What better tribute to Prince for a movie podcast than to watch the man’s directorial debut? Jen and Darren also discuss the Dionysian, the epicene, and how much The English Patient sucks.

For the curious, here’s the art for The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak that caught our fancy:


Under the Cherry Moon (1986)

Directed by Prince

Produced by:
Robert Cavallo
Joseph Ruffalo
Steven Fargnoli

Screenplay by Becky Johnston

Jerome Benton
Steven Berkoff
Emmanuelle Sallet
Alexandra Stewart
Kristin Scott Thomas
Francesca Annis

Music by Prince and The Revolution

Cinematography: Michael Ballhaus

Edited by:
Éva Gárdos
Rebecca Ross

Distributed by Warner Bros.

Release date:
July 4, 1986

The theme music for Have You Seen This? is “B005” by Monroeville Music Center.

episode 003: Harlequin, aka Dark Forces (1980)

For this episode, HYST welcomes its first guest! Darren Herczeg, CEO of DarrenCorp, is a filmmaker, performance artist, and gentleman of leisure. Watch his film Barbariana: Queen of the Savages here on YouTube.


Harlequin (1980)
(aka Dark Forces)

Directed by Simon Wincer
Produced by Antony I. Ginnane
Written by Everett De Roche

Robert Powell
David Hemmings
Carmen Duncan
Broderick Crawford
Gus Mercurio

Music by: Brian May

Cinematography by Gary Hansen

Edited by Adrian Carr

Production company:
Ace Productions
The Australian Film Commission
Caidin Film Co.
Farlight Investments
Western Australian Films

Distributed by Greater Union Organisation

Release date:
20 March 1980

The show’s theme is “B005” by Monroeville Music Center.

episode 002: Split Second (1992)

In this episode, Tim and Jen are unexpectedly charmed and delighted by sci-fi/horror/thriller/schlock/something-or-other Split Second! We discuss the wrong-headed marketing for the film and the delights of mini-guns and cigars shared by two dear male friends.

Split Second (1992)

Directed by:
Tony Maylam
Ian Sharp

Produced by Laura Gregory
Written by Gary Scott Thompson

Rutger Hauer
Kim Cattrall
Neil Duncan

Music by: Francis Haines
Stephen W. Parsons

Cinematography: Clive Tickner

Edited by: Dan Rae

Production company: Muse Productions
Distributed by Astro Distribution

Release dates:
1 May 1992

The theme music for Have You Seen This? is “B005” by Monroeville Music Center.

episode 001 – Ishtar

What’s left to say about Ishtar? Even the title of the film has become synonymous with Hollywood failure. But is it fair to brand it a one-star fiasco? For the inaugural episode of Have You Seen This?, Jen and Tim dare to travel to Ishtar.

Jumping off from Peter Biskind’s recounting of the production, Jen and Tim discuss Elaine May’s directing style (and missteps), the performances of Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty, and whether or not Ishtar is actually, you know, funny.

Read Peter Biskind’s post mortem of Ishtar, excerpted from his biography of Warren Beatty.

Ishtar (1987)

Directed by Elaine May
Produced by Warren Beatty
Written by Elaine May

Dustin Hoffman
Warren Beatty
Isabelle Adjani
Charles Grodin
Jack Weston

Music by:
Dave Grusin
Paul Williams

Cinematography: Vittorio Storaro

Edited by:
Richard P. Cirincione
William H. Reynolds
Stephen A. Rotter

Production company: Delphi V Productions
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
The theme music for Have You Seen This? is “B005” by Monroeville Music Center.