episode 013 – The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

Jen and guest Paul Jay discuss a true relic of the 70s: a holiday-themed variety special starring Paul Lynde!

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976)

Written by:
Bruce Vilanch
Ronny Graham
Ron Pearlman
Biff Manard
Howard Albrecht &
Sol Weinstein

Directed by Sidney Smith
Paul Lynde
Margaret Hamilton
Billie Hayes
Billy Barty
Tim Conway
Roz “Pinky Tuscadero” Kelly
Florence Henderson
Betty White
Donny Osmond
Marie Osmond

Executive producers:
Raymond Katz
Sandy Gallin
Bob Booker
George Forster
Joe Byrne

Running time 51 minutes
Production company(s) Hoysyl Productions

Aired October 29th, 1976 on ABC
The theme music for Have You Seen This? is “B005” by Monroeville Music Center.

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