005 – The Wizard of Speed and Time (1989)

Jen welcomes special guest Paul Jay (Twitter: @pauljaycomic) for today’s episode, in which we discuss The Wizard of Speed and Time! We’re a little hard on filmmaker Mike Jittlov, perhaps unfairly— WoSaT producer Richard Kaye allegedly absconded with the film’s completion money, and Jittlov himself considers the project to be only 75% done.

Jittlov started as a math and language major at UCLA back in the 60s, but an animation elective awakened him to his true calling. His breathtaking, award-winning short films led to work at Disney, where he clashed with execs over his desire to be credited for his work. After The Wizard of Speed and Time’’s drawn-out production period, Jittlov worked on some major film projects (including Ghost, in which he was responsible for animating the dark spirits that drag Tony Goldwyn to hell). Later, he spent the 90s making the rounds of conventions and screening his only feature for his devoted fans. He still lives in the LA area, and if anyone knows what he’s up to lately, please drop us a line!

The Night Flight website has an excellent write-up about Jittlov and The Wizard of Speed and Time here.

Mike Jittlov’s personal website

001 – Ishtar

What’s left to say about Ishtar? Even the title is a synonym for Hollywood failure. But is it fair to brand it a one-star fiasco? For the inaugural episode of Have You Seen This?, Jen and Tim dare to travel to Ishtar.

Drawing from New Hollywood chronicler Peter Biskind, Jen and Tim discuss Elaine May’s directing style (and missteps), the performances of Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty, and whether or not Ishtar is actually, you know, funny.

Read Peter Biskind’s post mortem of Ishtar, excerpted from his biography of Warren Beatty.